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The Humbled Homemaker
"I absolutely love them (lotion bars and lip balms)!  Lexie's products actually WORK!  And, the best part is--they are made with all-natural ingredients."

Stacy Makes Cents
"'But,' you say, 'Stacy…no one wants to smell like a sweaty pig.' Correct! I surely don’t…and I surely don’t want to sleep with a man who smells like a sweaty pig either. I’m just sayin’.  My friend, Lexie, from Lexie Naturals, has solved this problem for me by offering a high quality DEODORANT that’s made from all natural ingredients.  Both Barry and I have used Lexie’s deodorant – and we both love it! I love the tea tree oil scent mixed with lavender – very refreshing…and not too girly either. Because what man wants to go to work smelling like a bed of roses or daylilies?"

Cloth Diaper Addiction
"I tried the lip balm right away when I got it in the mail and it went on so nice and smooth.  I was very impressed.  ...I have been using the lotion on my knees, they get dry after playing on the floor with my boys..."

CC Bums
"Overall? I love the products.  I love the customer service.  I love that she makes it her own way.  And I love that she's trying to help other people use better products on their bodies and their babies!"

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