4 NEW SOAPS (and some other goodies too!)

Over the summer, we've been experimenting with with different soap recipes, and we are excited to offer up four of those soaps in our online store!  Each of these were fun to make and are delightful to use.

First up is Lexie: Lather (Bourbon).  This soap was inspired by our yearly 4th of July trip to visit good friends on the Tombigbee River.  It has become the high point of our summer!  Our times together generally involve lots of laughs, fun music, and sampling bourbons from the much-fabled Bourbon Bunker.  Seriously, our friend has a bunker full of bourbon.  It is a sight to behold.  This soap is masculine, though not overwhelming, and has a rich lather.  In addition to bourbon, it contains vanilla-infused coconut and olive oils. 
Lexie: Lather (Vanilla Sugar) is another of our new soaps, and it smells sweetly glorious!  It's similar to our Pure and Simple soap but also contains vanilla-infused oils as well as vanilla sugar (with some help from our friends at Lafaza).

While we are talking sweets, who doesn't love a good cupcake?  The ingredients for Lexie:Lather (Cupcake) are indentical to our Vanilla Sugar soap, but we added cocoa powder to the "cake" portion of the soap to give it that chocolatey look and smell. We also sprinkled vanilla sugar on top!

Also debuting this week is Lexie:Lather (Incense).  This vegan soap is also similar to our Pure and Simple soap, but it contains incense-infused oils.  We concocted this incense ourselves, mainly using ingredients from Maggie's Pharm on Overton Square in Memphis. They carry a plethora of natural ingredients and oils as well as soaps and other fun stuff.  This particular incense contains lavender, frankincense, rose hips, star anise, dragon's blood, white sage, and cinnamon.  The soap gives a sweet and relaxing aroma with a gentle cleanse.

And finally, we've added two more new items: a trial-size Lexie:Deo (perfect for traveling or gifting) and Lexie:Lotion in a tube (perfect for being on the go and fits easily in your purse).  Go browse around the store and check everything out!  Enjoy!

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