I'm a Man who Loves Natural Soap

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Today's post come from my husband and Lexie:Naturals co-conspirator, Stephen.

I love to watch my wife get creative.  Since we started Lexie:Naturals several years ago, it hasn’t been uncommon for me to get home from work and find Lexie in the midst of some new experiment: infusing this kind of oil with that kind of plant, concocting a homemade, natural detergent, or fine-tuning a recipe for lotion or a shampoo bar.  Over the past couple of years, she has been perfecting the art of soap-making, and it may be my favorite thing to watch her create (and to use!).

Several years back, Lexie got together with a few other ladies who wanted to experiment with making soap, and it was...well, it was disastrous.  A giant mess was made, and stinky soap resulted.  Thankfully, things have gotten MUCH better, and every batch of soap since the Great Soap Disaster of 2012 has been a delight to behold, smell, and use.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Memphis Brew.  This one is made using our favorite local brew, Ghost River Golden Ale, and it’s generally fresh from the tap at Hammer and Ale in midtown Memphis.  I was initially scared that it might smell like the floor beneath the seats at FedExForum after a Grizzlies game, but I was delightfully mistaken.  It’s got a great lather, a fresh, bready smell, and adds some manliness to my shower.

Afternoon Brew (Lavender).  We’ve done a couple of versions of this soap using local, hand-blended tea from Flavor Mavens, a company based in Olive Branch, MS and co-owned by one of our neighbors.  This version is my favorite.  We used their Lovin’ Lavender and TeaZy Does It teas, and the resulting combination is fantastic.  Relaxing aroma, soft in your hands, and really beautiful.

Elegant Rose.  This soap is one of my favorites mainly because it’s really a family affair.  My daughters and I picked the rose petals from the bushes outside our kitchen window, and then Lexie and our niece worked up the batch of soap before sprinkling the rose petals on top.  It makes me think of home! This batch is made with mica for color, but we will soon be switching to rose clay for the benefits and color it will add to this soap.

We get to keep the leftovers from each batch of soap, so whenever we finish a bar, Lexie pulls out something new from the leftover box.  I never know what it’s going to be, and inevitably, I end up loving it.  I can’t wait to see what she cooks up next!

You can purchase all of these soaps (plus more) in our online store. And don't forget to use a handmade soap saver dish to keep those handmade soaps lasting longer!

What's your favorite natural soap?

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  1. I love the Memphis Brew and the Lemongrass one. Another favorite is the Morning Brew coffee one.