Granola Strolla - A Word About a KickStarter Campaign

In some ways, this post is different than most of our other posts.  I'm not giving you a recipe for whole foods or a natural remedy for bug bites.  I'm not writing about how to clean your toilet in a more eco-friendly way.  I am, however, sharing a great way that you can continue to pursue a more natural lifestyle.  

Chargers - almost all of us have them and use them daily.  But what about when you are traveling abroad or camping?  Or what if you will just be out and about all day--shopping, at a festival, or enjoying the park with friends?  How do you charge your phone or other devices?  

Well, if you prefer to use eco-friendly products and support local, family-based businesses, the Granola Strolla is a great solution for charging all of your mobile devices.  First, let me say that this is NOT a paid advertisement.  I fully support this company, and you can too (but more on that later)!

What is a Granola Strolla?  

Granola Strolla is a portable, affordable, and easy-to-use solar-charged battery pack that is capable of charging USB devices as fast as a wall charger.

The Granola Strolla works by absorbing power from sunlight and storing the energy in its environmentally-friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. It charges up when you’re out and about during the day so that it will still have power when it gets dark.  The multi-directional design allows the Granola Strolla to always be charging without any extra work. It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and less expensive than other brands on the market.  It is also compatible with most popular brands and types of mobile devices (phones, tablets, media players, etc).

Water resistant, non-toxic, BPA Free

What makes the Granola Strolla Different?

Granola Strolla isn't just an ecotech company.  They're an eco-aware family. They want to create products that use renewable energy and resources to help preserve our planet for future generations.

The charger uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) rather than the standard Lithium Cobalt Oxide.  Not only is Iron Phosphate non-toxic, it is approved for use in organic gardening as a way to control snails.  LiFePo4 batteries also have double the amount of charge/discharge cycles of most LiCoO2 batteries. That means longer life AND fewer batteries have to be built.

Use in place of car charger to save energy!
For plastics, they decided to go with High Density Polyethylene (HPDE). It has the material strength needed for a sturdy product and is easily recyclable.  Plans are also in the works to have the Granola Strolla made of recycled HPDE as soon as possible.

How can YOU help?

You can help by supporting Granola Strolla on Kickstarter!  Kickstarter is a way for new businesses to get a head start.  You pay for the goods, then you get the products once they are made.  IF they do not reach their goal, you will be refunded 100%!  

If you don't have money for a Granola Strolla right now (or if you just don't want one), you can still donate however you can to the Kickstarter campaign  until October 12.  In fact, if you donate just $10 you will get a handmade key fob, and for $25 you get a swag bag full of some really neat stuff (including an exclusive tube of Lexie:Lip)!

There are also options to get more than one Granola Strolla at a cheaper price.  So, you and a friend (or two - or ten) could go in together and get this awesome product for less).  

So, you only have about a week left to jump on board!  They are about 60% funded right now and could really use the extra help! I am very excited about this product, and would really like to see this company succeed (I've already backed them on Kickstarter).  This product will be made in the U.S.A and will bring jobs to Memphis, TN!
Portable - take it wherever you go!
How do you back them and find out more information?

You can read more about their Kickstarter campaign here!
You can also find them on the webFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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