Making the Most of Meal Time (Guest Post)

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be a guest blogger at Your Thriving Family. Below is an excerpt of that post.  
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What does mealtime look like at your house?  Is it more traditional where you sit around the table, or do you sit in front of a TV or on the couch?  If you try to sit at the table, do you have complainers, whiners, and spills? Do you wish you could do more with mealtime than just eat? 

We've been eating together as a family for at least 5 years now.  My husband and I both work for ourselves, so we are pretty deliberate with our schedules to allow us to eat together with the children at least twice a day (usually breakfast and dinner since we are often not all at home during the lunch hour).  All of our meals and snacks are at the table (or outside on the porch in nice weather), and we all sit down together (with a few exceptions, of course).  

Before I begin, I want to stress that we are not perfect, and we still have room to grow.  We do not practice all 6 of these tips at every single meal; however, I find that when we do, our mealtimes allow us to all stop, relax, and enjoy each other.  

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