2013 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

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We love this time of year!  We love it because we get to spend more time than usual with our family, the scenery where we live is gorgeous, and it's a designated time to stop and be thankful.  Yes, we are thankful every single day, but I just love that we set time aside specifically for this.  

A lot of people also take this time to do some shopping for themselves and other people, so we decided to make that a little easier for you.  We make a point in our family not to spend money that we do not have.  So, please know that this post is simply meant to help you!  If you ARE going to spend money, here are some things that are, in my opinion, worth spending it on!  Enjoy!

Please note: I am an affiliate for many of the following links.  This means that when you purchase something after clicking through my site I will make money at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for your support of my family and this blog.

The Deals:

We are marking all of our SunLotion (tins and tubes) 25% off. We will also be offering bundles of various products at discounts.  No coupon code is required for any of these sales!   

Both of these will run from midnight Friday, November 29, 2013 to 
11:59 pm Monday, December 2, 2013.

Bundle A: 

2 Lexie:Deo, 1 Lexie:Lotion (3 oz. tin), 4 Lexie:Lip, 3 Lexie:Lotion (samples)  
Worth - $70
Sale Price - $56 (save 20%)

Bundle B: 

1 Lexie:Deo, 1 Lexie:Lip, 1 Lexie:Lotion (sample)
Worth - $10
Sale Price - $8.50 (save 15%)

Bundle C: 

1 Lexie:Deo, 1 Lexie:Lotion (3 oz. tin), 2 Lexie:Lip
Worth - $20
Sale Price - $18 (save 10%)

Bundle D: 

1 Lexie:Lotion (3 oz. tin), 1 Lex:Beard (4 fl. oz. beard care), 1 Lexie:Deo, 
1 Lexie:Lip
Worth - $30
Sale Price - $27 (save 10%)

These bundles, along with all of our products, can be seen and purchased in our online store here

As most of you know, my husband is a very talented musician.  He has several EP's and albums for download on his website (some are only $3!).  He's got some excellent CHRISTMAS MUSIC too - and he's in the middle of recording a new album now!  All of his music is 1/2 off Friday-Monday.  You can listen to and purchase his music here

I have both of Stacy's eCookBooks and LOVE them!  I tend to just throw stuff in the crock pot and hope it turns out ok.  It usually does, but these cookbooks really help me out!  They are already cheap, and Stacy will have them on sale for Black Friday.  You can but them in a printed version, digital version, and for your Nook or Kindle. Check them out here!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is back for 4 days only, and then it's gone forever!  I will do a full post about this on Friday, but you can read more details here. 

 As always, Vitacost has low prices and sales this time of year.  You can also use my affiliate link and save $10 on your first order.  We buy all of our vitamins, probiotics, and shampoo from Vitacost. You can buy herbs, food, baby care, personal care, and tons more from Vitacost!  They ship quickly and the customer service is great too!  Right now you can get 15% off Earth's Best baby products, 15% off Spectrum oils, and 25% off Snacking Naturally.
Tropical Traditions makes the highest quality coconut oil that you can buy.  It's what I personally use and love.  THey also run weekly deals on organic raw honeyorganic whole cane sugargrass-fed ground beefnon-toxic household cleaners, and more.

More Deals:

The Breakfast Revolution - 50% off with code BREAKFASTSALE (Fri. only)
Weeding out Wheat - 33% off with code bf33 
Jesus in the Commandments - 33% off with code bf33 
The Heart for Humility - 33% off with code bf33
Sugar Detox Challenge - FREE Dec. 2-4
Wholesome Comfort - $3 with code HOLIDAYSWC (Fri. only)
Festive Traditions - $3 with code HOLIDAYS (Fri. only)
Treat Yourself - $3 with code HOLIDAYS(Fri. only)

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com

Products, Herbs, Spices, Etc.
Mountain Rose Herbs - up to 45% off on some items
Lexie:Naturals Products - No coupons required.  10-20% mark down!
Bulk Herb Store - Black Friday Sales and Holiday Collections
Natural Herbal Living - all products 10-20% off (no coupon needed)
Tennessee Farm Girl - all products 20% off (no coupon needed)

Mountain Rose Herbs

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