Amber and Hazelwood Necklace Review {And GIVEAWAY}!

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Disclosure: I was given an amber and hazelwood necklace to try out for myself, and I was also given an amber necklace for my daughter.  I was in no way obligated to write a positive review about these necklaces.  All opinions and research in this post are my own and I will not get compensated in any way if you decide to purchase from EstanysFlame.  I am also not a doctor, nor am I giving medical advice.  I advise you to do your own research.  
I first heard about amber and hazelwood necklaces a year ago in a mom group on Facebook that I am a part of.  I thought they were adorable... and intriguing.  How can a necklace help with so many things?  So, I decided to do some research and give them a try!  

There is a TON of factual information about these products (amber and hazelwood are from the earth and very useful)!  So, please take a look at SOME of the information I found below.  

What is raw Baltic amber and why would you want to wear it?

Amber is tree resin that has been fossilized, and it has been used for thousands of years for many different purposes.  Tree resin is not the same thing as sap (I mention this because of the unique properties that resin has).

Amber contains a substance called succinic acid at 3-8%.  Succinic acid is important for our body and specifically used in the Krebs Cycle.  Wearing a raw amber necklace (one that isn't polished or baked) allows this acid to penetrate into the skin and deep into tissue.

Succinic acid was originally taken from amber by smashing and distilling it.  It is used in various medications to help rheumatic aches and pains.  It can also help with teething pain, induce a calming effect, lower stress, and more
What is hazelwood and why would you want to wear it?

Hazelwood (Beaked Hazel) comes from the branches of hazel shrubs.  They create and maintain an alkaline balance.  Because of this, it helps alleviate several problems from having too much acid.  Wearing hazelwood jewelry can help with acne, psoriasis, eczema, acid reflux, etc.  
Where can you buy an amber or hazelwood necklace?

I got my necklaces from my friend at EstanysFlame.  She has sells jewelry on her website and in her etsy store.  She carries an assortment of necklaces (amber, hazelwood, and teething) that are all handmade and top quality.  They have knots between each bead which makes it safe for children.  I was given two necklaces from her and have since purchased three more.  

I buy them from her because I trust her and the quality of the amber,  they work, the prices are kept low, and because she is a fellow work at home mom.  
What were my results after wearing the necklaces?

The fact that I've ordered more speaks volumes.  Emma told me that I would see improvements right away from wearing the necklaces, and she was right.  I started noticing a difference after wearing the necklace for only a few days.  

I have a few trouble spots on my face that get bad every month.  I noticed that after about 2 months of wearing the hazelwood necklace, my face cleared up completely.  She did tell me that I would have to replace the first one after 4-6 months, and then the rest after 1 year of use.  I was able to wear my first one for exactly 6 months then my face started breaking out again.  I've been wearing my new necklace for 3 days and I'm already seeing improvements.

I also let my 2 year old wear an Amber necklace.  We started doing several things to help her sleep cycles, and this was just one of those things.  We certainly feel that the necklace has helped her tremendously.  My necklace also contains amber and I have noticed a general calmness to my life.  I'm not as easily stressed.  Also, I've noticed that my general aches and pains associated with my monthly cycle are either not as bad, or are gone completely.  
How can you WIN an amber necklace?
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  3. I have ordered 3 amber necklaces from you, and need another one! They are great!