Announcing our New Online Store {And a Picture Tutorial to Get You Started}

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I am very thrilled to announce that our new site is up and running!  I would say I've been working hard to get it finished, but really my friend Lawson Culver, owner of NFPCharting.com, has done most of the work. :) 

Our new store has already made things run much more smoothly on our end (and we hope those of you who've ordered have noticed the same).  You can now pay via your PayPal account OR through PayPal with a credit/debit card!  

You can still find us on the blogfacebook, and twitter; however, the main site is now the online store.  

I would be thrilled if you'd click on over and take a look at the new site!  Feel free to check out this picture tour guide that highlights some of the features before you go: 
One of my favorite features is the Log In button (located in the top left corner).  You can browse as a guest, but by creating a profile with Lexie:Naturals you can track your order, shop faster, write reviews, and review previous orders.  You can even sign up for newsletters (but this isn't required).  
You will notice the pages at the top are still the same.  I will be adding new information to them soon, but you will still be able to get to the blog and check out all of the other resources that are also on the blog.  
The product categories are located on the left side bar.  You can click into each of the categories to view the products.  Right now our categories include deodorant, diaper cream (lotion in a tube), lip balm, and lotion.
At the bottom of the left side bar you will find an information box    with...information.  :)
When you actually click into a product you will see information regarding each product.  Please read the descriptions because the pictures do not always match the product completely (for example, the listing may be for one Lexie:Deo but there are two in the picture).  We are working on changing this, but in the meantime, please read.  :)  
To add something to your cart simply put in the quantity and hit "add this to my cart."  From there you can estimate shipping, check out, or continue shopping.  Even if you don't have PayPal you can still use PayPal to pay with a credit or debit card (we suggest only using debit... because we are frugal people here at Lexie:Naturals).  
The last thing I want to show you is the review button!  I'm so excited about this feature.  The lovely customers (that's you) at Lexie:Naturals email us almost daily raving about our products.  Now you have a chance to tell everyone else about it too!  I would love to see your reviews on the page.

Well, I truly hope that you love the new site as much as we do!  And we do hope you will hop on over and try our products.  :)

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