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Our family had a nice break, but we are ready to start the new year!  We are officially opened again and will be processing orders received over the break today and tomorrow!  

Here are a few exciting things going on this year that we know you love:
  • We will begin holding a one day sale EVERY WEEK this year.  This will be every Friday from 8 am-6 pm (CST), and will be specific to one of our many products. The sale item will be listed at the top of our products page every Friday, and we will announce it via Facebook and occasionally through a post on our blog.  Tomorrow's featured item is Eucalyptus Lip Balm.  Did you know you can also rub our Eucalyptus lip balm on your chest and around your nose for sinus relief?  All Eucalyptus lip balm (up to 5 tubes) purchased will be 15% off (making it only $1.70 per tube).  You can place your order here
  • We are also excited to announce that Mandi from Life Your Way is launching an eBook Bundle of the week.  That means that every week this year, she has put together a bundle of eBooks and is selling them at a discounted price (5 books for only $7.40)!  This week's books are themed around New Year's Resolutions.  I will let you know about these bundles each week via Facebook and the occasional post (especially if there are books in it that I particularly own and love-like this week)! See below for a run down of the books offered in this week's sale!  :) 
  • We also thought it would be neat to link back to the most popular posts from 2011-2012 (2011 is included because we really got started with the blog towards the end of 2011)!  The top three most visited posts were:  Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner Recipe, Simple Homemade Deodorant Recipe, and Homemade Natural Sunscreen/Diaper Cream.  
Here's what is included in this week's Bundle of the Week sale:
BundleoftheWeek.com, 5 eBooks for $7.40!
  • Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time by Stephanie Langford - I own this book and seriously love it.  Stephanie takes you on a 52 week journey towards living a more natural lifestyle.  This book alone is $12.95 (and you get 5 books for $7.40)!
  • Simplify by Joshua Langford
  • 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine
  • The 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner by Susan Heid
  • One Bite at a Time by Tsh Oxenreider 

We hope that you will take advantage of these sales so that you can begin or continue your journey towards a more natural lifestyle (we are on that road together)! 

*I have included affiliate links in this post.

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