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This is a reminder to everyone about the deodorant giveaway at The Humbled Homemaker.  It has over 1,000 entries!  I have decided to extend the coupon code until October 18 (that's this Thursday)!  If you don't win and would like to receive 10% off your entire order, use the code HUMBLE10 in the order form

Here is an excerpt from The Humbled Homemaker about Lexie:Deo:

     "What was the ultimate test of this deodorant? My husband tried it! I was honestly shocked that he even wanted to try it because he’s never wanted to wear my homemade version. But he used Lexie:Naturals and said it worked great! Now a man wearing a natural deodorant is a true test!"

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Click here to see all Lexie:Natural products and here to place an order. 

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