Benefits of Milling Fresh Wheat

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I had been thinking about making my own bread for quite some time when a friend invited me to another lady's house to learn about milled wheat and homemade bread.  I was beyond excited!  I also had no clue that I would learn all that I did that day.  
This is not an exhaustive list of why using freshly milled wheat is better for you than any store bought flour, but these are the things that made me the most interested.  These are the reasons my husband finally decided to buy me my very own grain mill.  

I hope that you will take these things into consideration as you seek what is best for your family's needs.
  • It contains the whole grain.  Freshly milled flour contains the bran, middlings, wheat germ, wheat germ oil, and endosperm.
  • Because it uses the whole grain, it contains vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are not found in store bought flour.
  • Commercially milled whole wheat doesn't contain those vitamins, minerals, and proteins because the oils are quickly oxidized and turn rancid within 72 hours.
  • Commercially milled flour is stripped of 25 vitamins and only 4 are put back in.
  • Whole grains give you energy unlike store bought bread that makes you lethargic. 
  • Milling your own wheat gives you high amounts of fiber.
  • Most commercially milled wheat contains preservatives, bleaching agents, and pesticides.
  • Grain mills today are high tech and don't take that much longer (just a few minutes), especially if you are already making your own bread.
  • It is the best tasting thing you will ever put into your mouth. :)
That last one was enough for me.  There is just nothing like bread made from freshly milled grain.  

Where can you buy a grain mill?  There are many places on the internet that sell them.  My husband found an aftermarket one that was reduced significantly in price.  You may also find one at a bargain hunting type of store.  You may want to start at this lovely company and then go from there.  Also, you don't have to buy a super expensive grain mill.  You can buy a hand mill and upgrade later if you find it's something worthwhile for your family.


  1. Thanks for this article. I don't currently make our bread from scratch but I really want to. This is very informational.

  2. Yes, thank you for this. Very informative.