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I am a teacher by trade.  I taught for 4 years before deciding to stay home with my kiddos.  And let me just say - nothing shows appreciation for the countless hours they spent with your child this year like a nice end of the year gift and handwritten note of thanks.  :)  My sister even gives gifts to the BUS DRIVERS and SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS (and yes, it's always Lexie:Naturals products).  Isn't she nice? 

This year I am offering different gift packs for you to purchase for teachers (or MOTHERS, or ANYONE you need to buy a gift for).  This special will only be available from now until May 15.  If you want your gift before May 20 you need to have the order IN BY MAY 15 (unless I need to ship it to you-then you need to have your order in by May 10)!  These specials are good for ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PURCHASE DURING THIS TIME.  You can even keep the GIFT for YOURSELF (I'll never know)! 

Here are the specials:

1 lotion pack + 2 lip balms + gift wrapped = $8.75

1 lotion pack + 1 lip balm + gift wrapped = $7.00

3 lip balms + gift wrapped = $5.00

I'm also offering a special price FOR TEACHERS ONLY!  If YOU are a teacher and want to purchase something for yourself (or someone else) you can use code TEACH10 to get 10% off from now until May 31, 2012!  :) 

You can see all my products and scents here and order here.  Please fill out the order form in it's entirety and email it to orderlexienaturals@gmail.com.  PLEASE MAKE NOTE IN THE EMAIL THAT IT IS A TEACHER GIFT, OR GIVE ME THE CODE IF YOU ARE A TEACHER, FOR THE SPECIAL RATE!  :)

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