Crock Pot Curry Chicken (Sri Lankan style)

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Today I am honored to be a guest blogger at Stacy Makes Scents!  :)  Here is an excerpt from my post:

The first time I ate curry chicken (I mean REAL curry chicken) was when I was in college.  I tutored twin girls from Sri Lanka every Wednesday afternoon, and their mom would pay me with food.  She would cook an assortment of goodies each week and always send home extras for my husband.  Before they moved back to their home island, they invited my husband and me over for a Sri Lankan feast.  We ate until we could not eat one more bite, and then the twins' dad prepared us even more food.  So, we ate some more!  I have loved curry ever since that night.  Perhaps it's because of what it represents for me - a pure memory that will never escape.  

There are many possibilities with curry chicken (and crock pot cooking in general).  If you see something you don't like or don't have, simply leave it out.  If you have something available, add it in.  We are blessed to have an Indian Spice store in our town, so that's where I get most of my spices (I spent around $6 for all the spices and peppers in this recipe and I have plenty left over).  If you follow this recipe exactly you will have a FULL FLAVOR dish that is truly Sri Lankan in style!  

To finish reading the rest of this recipe visit Stacy Makes Scents

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